XML Literals

I love XML Literals in VB.NET. They're a great way of generating valid XML instead of dealing with giant concatenated strings.

After discussing testing an XML Processing type class with a colleague this morning I thought I'd show him how this could be achieved quite nicely using XML literals. In his case; the code base is C# but that's not a problem for us.
We are able to create an XML document directly in the code instead of concatenating a string and parsing that into an XDocument. You get really nice intellisense whilst creating the document and you can also loop over a collection for example to generate the XML.

The whole project can be found on my Github here: https://github.com/DominicFinn/XmlLiteralsForTesting 

Let me know if you like it! For me, it's all part of the "write language for the job" ethos.

Beth Massi is a good source of VB.NET tips in general, this are some nice tricks that you can use XML Literals for: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bethmassi/archive/2007/10/26/xml-literals-tips-tricks.aspx

She also did a DotNetRocks TV episode on XML Literals that you can find here: http://www.dnrtv.com/default.aspx?showNum=119

Dom Finn

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